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Adopt a Sphynx

in the UK



If you are looking to care for a Sphynx and think you have all the right attributes for this, please do contact us, with a little bit of information about yourself and your home life, work commitments, children in household and their age(s), if you have any other pets, etc.

You will be asked lots of questions and a reference may be required from your Vet.


What we look for in a potential new owner

First and foremost a vast amount of patience and loving care to reassure a Sphynx that the new home is a safe and secure environment where he or she will receive attention and affection. A Sphynx is naturally a “people orientated” cat and will respond so well to your care. You will have an intelligent companion who is a very beautiful cat.

You will be asked to sign a adoption form indicating you will keep up to date with vaccinations and seek veterinary treatment if needed.

Our list does grow, but it is not a matter of first come, first served. It is finding the right home for the Sphynx in need. Please bear in mind each Sphynx to be rehomed will have different needs like a quiet household or an only cat.  Please don’t be put off by the fact we have a waiting list.


The cat’s needs comes first and foremost.


WELFARE: If you have a sphynx that needs re-homing or you would like to go on the waiting list to rehome a sphynx, please contact us via email welfare@sphynxcatassociation.org.uk.

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